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CDL Air Brakes Training in Clayton, NJ

Those interested in making a living driving a commercial vehicle must acquire their CDL. When earning your CDL, one of the first terms you may hear is air brakes. Understanding the brake functions within a commercial vehicle is not only vital to earning your CDL but essential for maintaining a successful career in commercial driving.

Mike’s Driving School in Clayton, New Jersey, helps students prepare for their CDL exam by offering complete training courses that cover a range of topics, including air brakes. Learn more about CDL air brakes and what you can expect.

About CDL Air Brakes Testing

Air brakes are the mechanism used within a heavy-duty commercial vehicle to make it stop. Air brakes are different than hydraulic brakes, which are commonly used in non-commercial vehicles. They utilize compressed air, which pushes upon a piston that applies pressure to the vehicle’s brake pad, making it come to a stop. Vehicles that use this type of stopping mechanism include but are not limited to:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Tractor trailers
  • Railroad cars

The reason why heavy commercial vehicles use an air brake system instead of traditional hydraulic brakes is because of their reliability and efficiency. Air brakes offer larger vehicles several advantages, such as:

  • The supply of air is unlimited, so the brake system can never run out of operating fluid.
  • Air line couplings are easier to attach and detach than hydraulic lines.
  • The compressed air in the system can be used for accessory applications that hydraulics may not be equipped to handle

Why CDL Drivers Should Know About Air Brakes

Becoming a commercial driver requires knowledge about more than just the rules of the road. Drivers also need to be educated about the vehicle they are operating. For air brakes to function properly, they must undergo routine maintenance, and drivers need to take great care when using them.

While air brakes are designed to handle natural wear and tear, if not maintained correctly, they may suffer a decrease in effectiveness and reliability. Additionally, drivers must be well-versed in this subject because their knowledge is paramount when taking the CDL air brake test.

Topics Covered in the CDL Air Brakes Test

For a driver to be able to operate a commercial vehicle that utilizes an air brake system, they must first pass the air brake component of the CDL examination. Prospective drivers need to be well educated about air brakes for the CDL exam that tests their knowledge on the subject. To pass the examination, drivers need a broad understanding of CDL air brakes as the exam covers a wide selection of topics, including:

  • Technical aspects of air brakes
  • The various parts that make up an air brake system
  • What to do if the low air pressure light comes on
  • ABS requirements
  • How to correctly perform an air brake check
  • Inspecting air brake systems
  • What to do when an emergency stop is needed

Why Mike’s Driving School?

There is a reason why prospective drivers continue to choose Mike’s Driving School when learning how to safely operate personal and commercial vehicles. For over three decades, our family-run business has helped countless drivers prepare for and pass the CDL air brakes test. Several success stories began their training with us.

With one-on-one training, our dedicated instructors make it easy for students to learn. Our main objective is to teach students all the required knowledge and skills to successfully pass their CDL test so they can begin their quest to become commercial drivers.

Learn About CDL Air Brakes at Mike’s Driving School

Prospective drivers need to understand the components of the vehicle they are operating just as much as they understand how to maneuver it. In preparation for the CDL exam, Mike’s Driving School in Clayton, NJ, offers students a complete training course covering a wide range of topics, including CDL air brakes. To learn more about our driving school and how we can help you gain the required knowledge and skills to pursue a career on the open road, please contact us today. 

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