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CDL Program In Clayton, New Jersey

Based in Clayton, New Jersey, Mike’s Driving School has been training safe drivers for nearly three decades. We provide comprehensive programs that help prepare students for their Commercial Driver License (CDL) exam. Students can choose from multiple CDL training programs to earn a Class A or B license. Find out more about our CDL school courses and lesson plans.

Class A CDL Course

Our Advanced Class A with Forklift course equips students with the skills they need to get their Class A CDL license. The 160-hour course is divided into classroom instruction, exercises in our tractor-trailer training yard, and on-road practice. Classroom topics include:

In the tractor-trailer training yard, students will learn:

  • Pre-trip and post-trip procedures
  • How to perform an air brake test
  • How to perform an in-cab inspection
  • How to back into a spot at a 90-degree turn
  • How to perform straight line back, offset back, and alley dock maneuvers
  • How to parallel park to the right (blind side) and left (sight side)

Once proficient in the above CDL road skills, students will go out on the road with an instructor to learn:

  • How to drive on rural roads, city roads, and highways
  • How to use a double-clutch
  • How to turn wide
  • How to shift an asynchronous transmission
  • Shifting, turning, and defensive driving

Students will prepare to pass the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC) CDL written test and skills test. They also earn a certification for forklift operation approved by OSHA. For reference, we offer a copy of the CDL manual.

Tractor-trailers on an open highway.Class A CDL Refresher Course

Our Class A CDL Refresher Course includes all the topics and skills covered in our Advanced Class A with Forklift course but is specifically tailored for students who need to re-take their exam or have been out of the industry for some time. Students will have 120 to 160 hours of instruction, including classroom review, tractor-trailer yard skills practice, and on-road driving. This course also includes a forklift certification component.

Learn To Drive Forklifts

This course teaches the OSHA rules and regulations for powered industrial trucks, commonly known as forklifts. Students will learn proper inspection and maintenance protocols, safe operation, and how to stack and move pallets using a forklift. Upon successfully completing forklift CDL training course and the corresponding OSHA exam, students will receive an OSHA-approved certificate and a wallet card.

Class B CDL Course

The 120-hour Advanced Class B Straight Truck with Forklift course helps students prepare for a Class B CDL along with earning a forklift operation certification. Classroom topics include:

  • CDL general knowledge
  • Air brakes
  • Hours of service rules for logbooks and eLogs
  • NJ Safe Driver Course
  • Safe forklift operation

In the training yard, students will practice on Class B vehicles, learning:

  • How to test air brakes
  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspection protocols
  • How to perform an in-cab inspection
  • Straight-line back and offset back maneuvers
  • How to parallel park to the right and left
  • How to back into a spot at a 90-degree turn

Out on the road, you’ll learn how to:

  • Turn wide
  • Use a double-clutch
  • Shift an asynchronous transmission
  • Drive safely on city roads, rural routes, and highways

Class B Passenger Endorsement

The Advanced Class B with Passenger Endorsement course covers all the technical skills in our Class B CDL Course, with the benefit of added training for a passenger endorsement. This is required for drivers who operate buses, shuttles, or other vehicles used to transport groups of people. Students earn 120 hours of training and will be able to practice on Class B vehicles in our training yard and out in the field.

Course Policies And Financial Aid

We make every effort to thoroughly prepare students for their CDL exams, as evidenced by our positive student reviews. Students must have a minimum attendance rate of 80% to be eligible for graduation, except for the standalone forklift course which requires 100% attendance. Most courses run Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. When possible, Mike’s Driving School may offer weekend and evening courses. Financial aid is available to students who qualify. We partner with several financial aid programs, including:

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At Mike’s Driving School, our instructors are here to guide you through the process of becoming a commercial driver. We go above and beyond driver training to assist graduates with job placement, prepare them for interviews, and educate them about the business side of the trucking industry. To learn more about upcoming CDL training opportunities at our Clayton, NJ location, contact us today.

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