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Class B CDL Course in Clayton, New Jersey

Many trucking jobs require employees to load and unload containers safely, and a forklift certificate indicates a truck driver has these skills. At Mike’s Driving School in Clayton, New Jersey, students can pursue a Class B CDL and forklift driving certificate in one comprehensive course. Mike’s Driving School is family-run and maintains over three decades of experience in instructing both personal and commercial driving courses. Learn more about the Advanced Class B Straight Truck with Forklift driving course we offer.

About the Forklift Training Course

A career as a commercial truck driver can be fulfilling and provide reliable income. To pursue this occupation, you will need a Commercial Drivers’ License. This certification is necessary to operate commercial motor vehicles and comes with specialized training.

To stand out to possible employers among other applicants, it may be beneficial to complete a training course that also certifies you in forklift operation, like the Advanced Class B Straight Truck with Forklift course at Mike’s Driving School. We also offer standalone forklift courses that offer 8 hours of training if you have already completed your CDL course.

The Advanced Class B Straight Truck with Forklift course includes 120 hours of training in the classroom and on the road. Our courses run Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with occasional availability on weekends and evenings. The instructors at Mike’s Driving School are committed to getting drivers on the road with complete training and information. Therefore, an attendance rate of at least 80% of the program duration is required for candidates to graduate from our CDL school courses.

Mike’s Driving School is dedicated to helping students realize their CDL goals, no matter their economic status. We offer financial aid opportunities that eligible students may investigate. Additionally, we participate in financial assistance programs through the VA and One-Stop Career Center of New Jersey, and also offer our own payment plans.

Forklift Truck Training Course Topics

The forklift certification course covers an array of concepts necessary for those pursuing a Class B CDL. It combines the knowledge and skills acquired in a traditional CDL course coupled with OSHA-approved forklift training to supplement a driver’s skill set. The forklift course includes in-classroom instruction and road practice and covers the following topics:


The lessons and topics for obtaining a Class B CDL focus on the skills necessary for driving safely and the knowledge you’ll need to inspect your truck, log your hours, and perform similar tasks. Other competencies gained through this portion include:

  • Air brake systems and operation
  • Hours of service rules for logbooks and e-Logs
  • Proper inspections inside the cab
  • Maneuvers to learn straight-line back and offset back methods
  • Parallel parking
  • Wide turns
  • Different driving styles on rural and city roads and highways


The forklift segment of the course teaches you all the basics of properly operating a forklift, which is highly beneficial for some jobs in the trucking industry. These duties include:

  • Steering
  • Vehicle capacity and stability
  • Truck instrumentation and controls
  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance
  • Workplace conditions

After completing this advanced course, students will receive their CDL and an OSHA-approved pocket card for forklift operation. You can see how individuals who went through the program already used their training to find satisfying jobs across various industries by reviewing success stories from Mike’s Driving School.

Enroll in the Forklift Driving Course Today

Complete a Class B CDL course and a forklift operating certificate in a comprehensive course that will provide you with the information needed for a successful career in this field. At Mike’s Driving School in Clayton, New Jersey, you can advance your trucking career through the forklift driving course. For more than three decades, our family-owned school has provided the highest quality of driving instruction for both personal and commercial vehicles. Contact us today to learn more or enroll in our forklift course in South NJ.

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